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Experts and specialists in rail infrastructure projects nationwide

Quinn Civil Engineering Rail division is an experienced railway civil engineering contractor offering a multi-disciplinary service to the rail market nationwide. Our progressive approach, combined with our investment in engineering innovation and greater efficiency, means that our customers get value, quality and excellent project delivery.

This approach has won us several collaborative alliance projects, while our success and focus on adapting and improving has resulted in numerous contract extensions and reappointments, including with one of our most valued customers Network Rail.

We have carried out station regeneration works and enhancement projects including new build. Our portfolio includes construction of maintenance depots, installation of security bollards at a selection of the largest railway stations nationwide along with construction and replacement of railway platforms.

Quinn Civil Engineering have the ability to deliver such projects through our continual investment in development of our employees, ensuring all staff have the relative qualifications and training to undertake projects of such a complex nature while ensuring safety is of paramount importance to all involved.

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