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Quinn Rail has a long and established track record of earthworks projects that is both broad in terms of the type of work undertaken and varied in respect of the environment in which the works are carried out.

The Company’s capabilities include:

  • Design and construction of new earth embankments and cuttings as well as strengthening and widening of existing embankments and cuttings, using a range of techniques which include: The installation of soil nails, rock bolting, netting and dentition, anchored walls, gravity walls, piled walls, reinforced concrete walls, gabion installation, ready rock and many other specialist retaining wall systems.

  • Stabilisation and re-grading works to embankments and cuttings which may have been identified as at risk of failure, including rope access works. Installation of crest drains, cut of drains and slope drainage to provide a controlled discharge of water, preventing the cause of many failures.

  • Emergency works, offering an instantaneous, round the clock response, with effective solutions to make safe and stabilise rail infrastructure following landslips, rock falls, wash outs and collapsed culverts. Capabilities extend to removal and reinstatement of permanent way, as well as track monitoring.

  • Scour protection and sea defence works, construction of new sea defences and repair of existing defences from rock armour to revetment repairs.

Stabilisation Works

Quinn Rail has built an impressive reputation for the stabilisation of a wide range of cuttings, embankments and other earthworks. The Company’s workforce operates a variety of specialist equipment mounted on road-rail units allowing easy access to awkward locations.

Soil Nailing and Rock Anchors: the use of soil nails or rock anchors, often used in conjunction with shortcrete or netting, is now accepted as one of the most efficient and economic methods to reinforce and stabilise cuttings and embankments.

Netting: the use of netting to stabilise slopes provided and ideal protection against falls of loose materials and rocks, whilst allowing the growth of naturalising grass where required.

Retaining Systems: gabion baskets or reinforced concrete walls provide an effective retaining solution in all manner of locations. Their application can be used in embankment and cutting widening projects.

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